Areas of Study


  • Vergil's Vision of the Underworld (specific sections or an overview)
  • Vergil and Augustus
  • Vergil and the Glory of Rome
  • Vergil and his Antecedents
  • The Post-Vergilian Literary Tradition
  • Literary Analysis of Specific Passages
Specific Topics (for those of you who are challenged!)


  • Discuss the role of Fate (fatum) in Vergil’s Aeneid. In what ways is the term used? How does it relate to the mission of Aeneas?
  • Show how Vergil employs similes and other images from the world of nature to enhance the reader's understanding of Aeneid 6.
  • Referring to particular scenes and episodes from the Aeneid, demonstrate how Vergil is more than a mere imitator of Homer.
  • What impression do we get of the character of Aeneas throughout the poem? Does it remain the same or change over time?
  • In what ways does Vergil use Roman history in the Aeneid? Is the Aeneid intended as propaganda for Augustus and his new régime?
  • Demonstrate, by reference to at least THREE individuals other than Aeneas, how Vergil creates interest in their characters.
Resources and Bibliography


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