Term One: Monday 5 September-Tuesday 20 December 2016


 In-Class Outline and Exercises


Extra Activities





Week 1


Overview of syllabus.

Recap. essential grammar and syntax.

Reading Latin ch. 1 ex. A, 1-10.

Students go over syntax learnt. Create a list of strengths/weaknesses.

Revise syntax. Establish areas of strength/weakness, areas to revisit.

An introduction to Latin using ancient sources at the University of Texas, Austin. Interesting approach!

Good basic grounding is to be had with Wheelock's Latin. There are numerous websites devoted to the course. The one at the University of Victoria has exercises for all the chapters. Use the index to find appropriate topics.

Week 2



Five pictures: Death of Seneca; Death of Sokrates; Death head mosaic; euphrosynos mosaic; Lucretius. Study pictures - no background given. What do they show? What questions do they prompt? What questions would the students like the answers to?

Hand out and fuller overview of syllabus.

Development of philosophy (overview). 

Overview of Epicureanism and Stoicism.

Unseen 1 - begin translation.

Unseen 1: Mistaken Tactics. Unlike Caesar, Pompey does not make good use of his men's courage.


Week 3


Philosophy. Discussion of mosaic images (death's head and Pompeii skeleton).

Introduction to Lucretius.

Lucr. De Rerum Natura 2.1.61. Discussion of the metaphor of the sea and warfare to indicate the fears of mankind.

Chapter 2 Reading Latin. B1-8.

Relative clauses revision: via Plana. Questions 1A and 2A.


Unseen 2: Caesar describes the geography of Britain.


Week 4


Lucretius 3.1053-1094. Discussion of other skeleton mosaics.

Begin Seneca (introduction) and text of Letter 70. Students prepare vocabulary list using the text and dictionaries.

Indirect speech. Via Plana ch.2. Go over ex. 1C (p. 27); use of fore. Read passage of Cicero, Brutus p. 27.

Unseen 3: The philosophy of Zeno, the founding father of Stoicism.


Week 5


Overview of Seneca's style and Letters to Lucilius.

Begin Letter 70. Sections 1-3.

Reading Latin. Chapter 2. Use of participles.

Unseen 4: Petreius and Afranius (1). While the two leading supporters of Pompey, Petreius and Afranius are outside the camp to protect their water supply, their men begin to defect to Caesar.


Week 6


Continue Seneca Letter 70. Sections 4-6. Discussion of the sailing metaphor and use of sententiae.

Gerunds and Gerundives recap. Go over Caesar unseen.

Unseen 4: Fama lives in a house full of openings and noise  

Week 7


Continue Seneca Letter 70. Sections 7-10.

More on gerunds and gerundives.

Unseen 5: A philosopher who does not practise what he preaches is as useless as a sea-sick helmsman.  

Week 8


Seneca, Letter 70. 11-13.

Beyond GCSE 5.11. 'Caesar, after conquering Gaul, prepaers his first invasion of Britain in late summer 55 BC'



All Saints Holiday


No Classes – All Saints Holiday

 No Classes – All Saints Holiday


Week 9

7/11 Journée Pedagogique; 8/11-11/11)

Seneca Letter 70. Sections 14-17.

Catullus 70.

Begin Unseen 6: Caesar describes the difficulties of landing in Britain.

Unseen 6: Caesar describes the difficulties of landing in Britain.  

Week 10


Seneca Letter 70. Sections 18-20.

Use of subjunctive in independent clauses.

Unseen 7: Catullus 5. vivamus atque amemus.  

Week 11


Seneca Letter 70. Sections 21-23.

Conditional sentences.

Read and learn Seneca, Letter 70, chs. 1-10 for test.  

Week 12


Seneca, Letter 70. Sections 24-26.

Test on Seneca Letter 70.

Introduce essay/project topic.

More on conditional sentences.

Via Plana exercise 2A.  

Week 13


Finish, Seneca Letter 70. Begin discussion of letter and its meaning.

Dealing with complicated sentences (use of qui, quae, quod). Via Plana ch. 10.

Work on Essay/Project.  

Week 14


Discussion of Seneca. In-depth analysis of Letter 70. Comparison of translations of different sections.

Catullus, 2 and 3.

Dealing with complicated sentences (use of ut and ne). Via Plana ch. 11.

Work on Essay/Project  

Week 15


Round off Seneca.

Unseen translation in class.

Video on Pompeii.



Term Two: Monday 9 January - Friday 6 April 2016


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Extra Activities





Week 1





Week 2




Week 3





Week 4





Week 5





Week 6



CARNAVAL - No Classes




Week 7



Week 8





Week 9



Week 10





Week 11



Week 12




Term Three: 24 April - 7 July 2017



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Extra Activities





Week 1



Week 2

(1/5 Labour Day)



Week 3





Week 4






ASCENSION Holiday - (22/5-26/5)


Week 5




Week 6

PENTECOST Holiday (5/6)



Week 7






Week 8



Week 9



Week 10




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