Cicero, Pro Roscio Amerino 29



Hoc consilio atque adeo hac amentia impulsi, quem ipsi, cum cuperent, non potuerunt occidere, eum iugulandum vobis tradiderunt.    XI. Quid primum querar aut unde potissimum, iudices, ordiar aut quod aut a quibus auxilium petam? deorumne immortalium, populine Romani, vestramne, qui summam potestatem habetis hoc tempore, fidem implorem?


Driven on by this plan, and by this madness, they have surrendered this man, whom they could not kill when they wished, to you to be put to death.

XI. What shall I complain of first or from where should I I best begin, judges, or what or from whom should I seek aid? Shall I appeal at this time to the integrity of the immortal gods, or that of the Roman people, or to yours - you who possess the highest authority?


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