Cicero, Ad Atticum 3.4 (3 April, 58 BC)



miseriae nostrae potius velim quam inconstantiae tribuas quod a Vibone quo te arcessebamus subito discessimus. adlata est enim nobis rogatio de pernicie mea; in qua quod correctum esse audieramus erat eius modi ut mihi ultra quingenta milia liceret esse, illuc pervenire non liceret. statim iter Brundisium versus contuli ante diem rogationis, ne et Sicca apud quem eram periret et quod Melitae esse non licebat. nunc tu propera ut nos consequare, si modo recipiemur. adhuc invitamur benigne, sed quod superest timemus. me, mi Pomponi, valde paenitet vivere; qua in re apud me tu plurimum valuisti. sed haec coram. fac modo ut venias.

Cicero Sends his Greetings to Atticus

I wish you will attribute to my misery rather than fickleness the fact that we suddenly left Vibo, where we had summoned you. For the bill concerning my ruin was brought to us;  in which what we had heard was corrected in this manner that I should be allowed to stay anywhere beyond 500 miles, and not permitted to go there. I immediately made a journey to Brundisium before the day of the bill, lest Sicca (with whom I had stayed) should die and because I was not allowed to be in Malta. Now you hasten to catch up to us, if we should only find welcome. Still we are kindly invited, but we fear what remains. It causes me regret to live, my Pomponius; in this matter you have shown yourself an immense source of strength to me. But let's talk about these things face to face. Only make sure you come.


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