Background, Commentaries and Secondary Reading


  • E. Perkins (1926) The Sophonisba Story in French and English Drama. University of Kansas. Dated but useful for an overview of the sources and main strands of the literary tradition to the 19th century.
  • Sophonisba
  • Wikipedia: Sophonisba
Other Ancient Texts




  • Giovanni Pastrone (1914) Cabiria.
  • Carmine Gallone (1937) Scipione l'Africano.
Books and Plays


  • F. Petrarch (1343) 'Sophonisba & Masinissa' in Africa 5.1–773.
  • P. Corneille (1663) Sophonisbe




  • Purcell (1685) Sophonisba or Hannibal’s Overthrow. Excerpt here.
  • Gluck (1765) La Sofonisba.


Sophonisba Taking Poison

Andrea Casali (1743); Halton Borough Council

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