[36] Sin autem urbanius me agere mavis, sic agam tecum; removebo illum senem durum ac paene agrestem; ex his igitur tuis sumam aliquem ac potissimum minimum fratrem, qui est in isto genere urbanissimus; qui te amat plurimum, qui propter nescio quam, credo, timiditatem et nocturnos quosdam inanes metus tecum semper pusio cum maiore sorore cubitavit. Eum putato tecum loqui:

"Quid tumultuaris, soror? quid insanis?


Quid clamorem exorsa verbis parvam rem magnam facis?


Vicinum adulescentulum aspexisti; candor huius te et proceritas, vultus oculique pepulerunt; saepius videre voluisti; fuisti non numquam in isdem hortis; vis nobilis mulier illum filium familias patre parco ac tenaci habere tuis copiis devinctum; non potes; calcitrat, respuit, non putat tua dona esse tanti; confer te alio. Habes hortos ad Tiberim ac diligenter eo loco paratos, quo omnis iuventus natandi causa venit; hinc licet condiciones cotidie legas; cur huic, qui te spernit, molesta es?"

[36] But if you prefer me to take a more refined tone, this is how I shall deal with you. I'll take that old man off the scene: he's harsh, practically uncouth. So I'll choose one of our young moderns, in particular, your baby brother. He's a real man of the world in matters of that sort. He loves you very much. Because of some indefinable nervousness, some groundless fears of the night, I suppose as a little fellow he always used to sleep with you, his elder sister.

You shall imagine him speaking to you in these terms: "Why are you making such a fuss, sister? Why are you out of your mind?"

Why have you begun to shout?
Why with your talk are you making a big fuss out of almost nothing?

You spotted the stripling in your neighbourhood; his radiant good looks, his height, his face, his eyes swept you off your feet; you wanted to see him more often; from time to time you were with him in the same park. You=re a woman of noble birth, he's the son of a stingy, grasping patriarch, and you want to tie him down with your riches.

You can't. He kicks at you, rejects you, refuses you. He doesn't consider your presents worth twopence. Take yourself elsewhere. You have grounds near the Tiber. You carefully procured them just at the spot where all the young men come to swim. From here it is open to you to pick up "bargains" every day. Why do you annoy someone who spurns you?"





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