Cl(audia) · Seuerá Lepidinae [suae
iii Idus Septembr[e]s soror ad diem
  sollemnem natalem meum rogó
  libenter faciás ut uenias
  ad nos iucundiorem mihi


[diem] interuentú tuo facturá
[...]s vacat
Cerial[em t]uum salutá Aelius meus .[
et filiolus salutant vacat
vacat     sperabo te soror
         uale soror anima
         mea ita ualeam
         karissima et haue


Sulpiciae Lepidinae
a S[e]uera

Key Questions


  1. What is the context of this letter (with 292 and 294)?
  2. The letter is written in different hands. Whose and why?
  3. What can this letter tell us about the place of women like Claudia Severina in the furthermost outposts of the Roman?
Background, Commentaries and Secondary Reading






  • Lecture on the Vindolanda Tablets.
Books and Plays


  • A. Goldsworthy (2017) Vindolanda. Goldsworthy is also a well-known ancient historian.
  • M. Sadtlet (2013) The Boy from Vindolanda.


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