Term One: Tuesday 2 September-Friday 19 December 2014


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Recap. Nouns and Verbs

Wheelock Chapters One and Two: Verbs of First and Second Conjugations, Infinitives, First Declension nouns and Adjectives.


Week 2


Recap. basic syntax

Wheelock Chapter Three: Second Declension masculine, apposition.

  Unseen 1 (10th September): The monarchy at Rome comes to an end ... DUE DATE 16th September.

Week 3


Introduction to Cicero and the De Imperio. History, context, culture. Literary techniques.

Wheelock Chapter Four: Second Declension Nouns, sum; predicate nouns and adjectives.

Roman history: Origins



Unseen 2 (19th September): The defeat of Pompey in the Civil War. DUE DATE 23rd September.

Week 4


Cicero, De Imperio 27.

Careful analysis of literary techniques.

Wheelock Chapter Five: First and Second Conjugations; future and imperfect; adjectives in –er.

History: The Republican Political System


Unseen 3 (26th September): Caesar captures the Gallic town of Noviodunum. DUE DATE 30th September.


Week 5


Cicero, De Imperio 27

Wheelock Chapter Six. Sum: future and imperfect; possum; complementary infinitive.

History: The Formation of the State



Unseen 4 (1st October): Caesar fights Petreius and Afranius for control of a hill. DUE DATE 7th October.

Week 6


Cicero, De Imperio 28

Wheelock Chapter Seven: Third Declension Nouns.

History: Political Ambition

  Unseen 5 (8th October): After routing the Germans, Caesar keeps some prisoners with him out of compassion. DUE DATE 14th October.

Week 7


Cicero, De Imperio 28

Notions of close reading the text.

Wheelock Chapter Eight: Third Conjugation; present, future and imperfect.

History: patria potestas


Unseen 6 (15th October): The goddess Ceres is entertained by an old couple. DUE DATE 21st October.

Week 8


Cicero, De Imperio 29

Wheelock Chapter Nine: Demonstratives hic, ille, iste.

History: Marriage and Political Life


All Saints Holiday


No Classes – All Saints Holiday



Week 9

3/11 Journée Pedagogique; 4/11-7 /11)

Cicero, De Imperio 29

Wheelock Chapter 10. Fourth Conjugation and mixed conjugation.

History: The Wars of Expansion


Unseen 7 (7th November): The aged Hannibal takes poison rather than fall into the hands of the Romans. DUE DATE 12th November.

Week 10


Cicero, De Imperio 30

Wheelock Chapter 11: Personal Pronouns ego, tu, is.

History: The Crisis of the Second Century BC


Unseen 8 (14th November): Jupiter deposes his father Saturn and goes to war with the Giants. DUE DATE 18th November.

Week 11


Cicero, De Imperio 30

Wheelock Chapter 12: Perfect Active System.


History: Tiberius Gracchus and the Land Problem 



Critical Analysis 1 (21st November). Analysis of Cicero, De Imperio ch. 28 (to est erudita.). DUE DATE 25th November.

Week 12


Cicero, De Imperio 31

Wheelock Chapter Thirteen: Reflexive pronouns and possessives; ipse.

History: Gaius Gracchus
  Unseen 9 (28th November): Atticus and one of his friends are unexpectedly saved by Antony. DUE DATE TUESDAY 2nd December.

Week 13


Introduction to Vergil

Wheelock Chapter 14: -i stem third declension; Types of ablatives.

Discussion and Video: The Aims of the Gracchi


Week 14


Cicero, De Imperio 32

Vergil Passage 1

Wheelock Chapter 15: genitives and more on ablatives, numbers.

History: The Rise of Marius

Week 15


Cicero, De Imperio 33

Vergil Passage 2

Wheelock Chapter 16: third declension adjectives.

History: Marius as Consul



Term Two: 7 January - 27 March 2015


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Exam preparation. Unseen and practice prepared texts. Style of questions, level of analysis etc.

Look at examples of Cicero

Wheelock Chapter 17: The Relative Pronoun

Discussion: The Roman Army


 Revision for Exams

Week 2


SIXTH YEAR EXAMS (12/1-20/1)



 Revision for Exams

Week 3


Vergil Passage 3

Wheelock Chapter 18: Passive voice, 1st and 2nd conjugations.

History: the 90s BC and the Social War


Unseen 10 (23rd January): The Trojans, led by Hector, drive the Greeks back into their camp and on to their ships. DUE DATE TUESDAY 26th January.

Week 4


Vergil Passage 4

Wheelock Chapter 19: Perfect Passive System; interrogative pronouns and adjectives.

History: Civil War!




Week 5


Cicero, De Imperio 34

Wheelock Chapter 20: Fourth Declension; more ablatives.

History: Sullanum Regnum 

  Unseen 11 (6th February): Hortensius at Abdera. DUE DATE TUESDAY 10th February.

Week 6


Cicero De Imperio 35

Vergil Passage 6

Wheelock Chapter 21: Third and Fourth Conjugation; Passive Voice.

History: The 70s BC








Week 7


Vergil, Aeneid passage 7 (lines 46-54)

Vergil, Aeneid passage 8 (lines 55-65)

Cicero, De Imperio ch. 36

Subjunctives from Excelability in Advanced Latin. p. 85 (ex. 7.1A)


Analysis 2: Vergil Aeneid (25th February). DUE DATE TUESDAY 3 March

Choose one Vergil passage studied, of about 10 lines, to write a detailed analysis of c. 1 page.

Week 8


Sallust ch. 40.

Vergil Passage 9-10

Wheelock Chapter 23: Participles.

History: Pompey and Crassus


Unseen 12 (3rd March): Helen commiserates with Paris after he is defeated by Menelaus. DUE DATE TUESDAY 10th March.

Week 9


Sallust, ch.41.

Vergil Passage 11

Wheelock Chapter 24: Ablative Absolute; Passive Periphrastic; Dative of Agent.

History: The Rise of Caesar



Unseen 13 (13th March): Vespasian is hailed as emperor while fighting the Jews. DUE DATE WEDNESDAY 14th March.


Week 10


Sallust, ch. 44

Vergil Passage 12

Wheelock Chapter 25: Infinitives; Indirect Statement.

History: Cicero and Catiline



Week 11


Sallust, Catiline 45

Vergil Passage 13.

Wheelock Chapter 26: Comparison of Adjectives; Declension of Comparatives; Ablative of Comparison.

History: The First Triumvirate



Term Three: 13 April - 4 July 2015


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Vergil, passage 14. Translation and commentary.

Cicero, De Imperio ch. 41. Translation and commentary.

 H/W  Revise for A test.

Week 2


A test on Cicero, De Imperio.

De Imperio ch. 42.

Vergil, passage 15.


 H/W Unseen 14 (24th April): Ovid contrasts his fate as an exile with the wanderings of Odysseus. DUE DATE WEDNESDAY 29th April.

Week 3


1/5 Labour Day (No Class)

1 May: Labour Day

Vergil, passage 16

Wheelock Chapter 29: Imperfect Subjunctive; Present and Imperfect Subjunctive of sum and possum; result clause.

Discussion: the aims of Caesar



 Unseen 15 (27 April): 

Week 4


Vergil Passage 17

Wheelock Chapter 30: Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive; Indirect Questions; Sequence of Tenses.




ASCENSION - No Classes





Week 5


Virgil, Aeneid Passag 18 (Death of Priam)


   Begin work on Extended Essay on Cicero, De Imperio

Week 6


Finish Virgil, Aeneid passage 18 (Death of Priam)

Virgil, Aeneid. A Test



 AS Level GCE Latin. 2012. Latin-English Translation and English-Latin sentences.

Week 6


Virgil Aeneid A Test. Literary Analysis.


 Finish Extended Essay on Cicero, De Imperio

Week 7


Exam preparation.

Unseen practice in class.

Go over essential points of Cicero's De Imperio



Week 8






Week 9







Week 10











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