Term One: Tuesday 3 September-Friday 20 December 2013


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


 Introduction to course. Model sentences ch. 34.    

Week 2


Translate first two paragraphs of Quintus Delphos visit.

Introduction to the subjunctive.

Present Subjunctive - ppt presentation. Ex. 34.2; 34.3 in class.

Purpose Clauses

   H/W Ex. 34.4 (p. 129)

Week 3


Introduce Imperfect Subjunctive and concept of sequence of tenses. Ex. 34.5 in class. Go over answers. Begin ex. 34.7 in class.

Go over 34.7. Continue reading Quintus Delphos visit. 2nd period: Video on the oracle at Delphi.

Ex. 34.8 (p. 130) English to Latin sentences - more practice of ut + the subjunctive; go over answers on the board.








H/W p.9 Quintus Pompeiusque ad Brutum ire parant. Translate first 6 lines and answer the questions. DUE DATE: 24/9

Week 4


Ch. 35. Model sentences. Introduction to indirect command; go over sequence of tenses; Ex. 35.1 read and translate.

Go over Ex. 34.4 (p. 129); Quintus and 'Pompeius go to Brutus' (p.9);and 35.1 (p.131-132). Do Ex. 35.2 in class.

Lesson 2: 35.2 to finish. Watch video: Delphi: Bellybutton of the Ancient World: pt 1; pt 2

Go over ex. 35.2 on board. Read Quintus militat (lines 1-15) in class; questions 2, 3, 4 of responde Latine.
















H/W 35.3 (p. 132). English Sentences. Translate into Latin. DUE DATE Mon 1/10

Week 5


 Pluperfect Subjunctive and Perfect infinitive (p. 132). Go over translation and usage in subordinate, esp cum clauses. Ex 35.5 (p. 133). Go over in class.

Finish Quintus militat (pp. 13-14). Begin Lucilius Quintum ad disciplinam militarem instituit (p. 15).

Watch beginning of Gladiator. Note differences between Romans and barbarian fighting methods, equipment etc. Discussion concerning success of Roman army, difficulties fighting barbarians.

Finish Lucilius Quintum ad disciplinam militarem instituit. Look at passive subjunctive forms: present, imperfect, pluperfect.




















H/W Revise forms of PRESENT, IMPERFECT and PLUPERFECT ACTIVE SUBJUNCTIVE for quiz on Monday 8/10. Go HERE and HERE for online revision tools help!!

Week 6






Week 7


Recap. present, imperfect, and pluperfect active subjunctive. Run through present, imperfect, and pluperfect PASSIVE subjunctive. Ex. 35.6 then 35.7 (p. 134).

Finish ex. 35.7 and go over in class. Then ex. 35.8 in groups and put up on board.

The Roman army handout and discussion.

Go over Perfect Active Subjunctive and Perfect Passive Subjunctive. Then ex. 35.8 (p.135) in class.















H/W Question sheet on Roman Army.

Week 8


Model sentences ch. 36. Introduction to deponents and present passive infinitives. Ex. 36.1; ex 36.2 verbally.

Test on subjunctive.

Engineering an Empire - The Age of Augustus.

Go over Roman Army homework. Focus on how to answer 'gobbet' questions effectively.


All Saints Holiday


No Classes – All Saints Holiday



Week 9

4/11 Journée Pedagogique; 5/11-8 /11)

Introduction to Martial. Translate and discuss Martial 1.32 - What makes it a good poem? Literary features and style of Martial in this poem.

Verb synopses sheets. Go over specto and audio.

Go over ALL participles and ALL infinitives on board. Explain passive imperatives. Ex. 36.5.








H/W Finish ex 36.5. Ex. 36.6 nos. 1-6

Week 10


Translate Martial 5.43 and 7.3. Go over notion of rhythm: elegiac couplets - dactylic hexameter and dactylic pentameter. Key terms: feet, caesura, dactyl, spondee.  


Week 11


Oxford Latin Course: Ch. 37 Ablative Absolute. Careful explanation with powerpoint. Ex. 37.2.

Passage no. 2 from GCSE Latin.





H/W Translate Passage no. 1 from GCSE Latin.

Week 12


Discuss poems Martial 5.43; 7.3. Translate eulogy of Emperor: Mart. 8.36.

Continue discussion ... further translation of Martial - 1.47; 7.77; 2.57; 5.9

Go over H/W Passage no. 1 from GCSE Latin. Then introduce Accusative and Infinitive construction. With examples on board.










Momentum Tests VI. Apollo and Daphne.

Week 13


Martial poems 12.73; 3.8. Discussion and analysis.

Martial poems 8.69; 12.46. Go over structure of exam, rhetorical terms required for exam.

Go over Momentum Test VI: Apollo and Daphne. Go over syntax needed for exam: uses of ut, temporal clauses, ablative absolute, accusative and infinitive, relative clauses, indirect commands, indirect questions.














H/W Revise for EXAM!

Week 14



Week 15


Go over exam.


Orientation: No Latin Class




Term Two: 7 January 2014-11 April 2014


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Overview of term's work. Introduction to Catullus, powerpoint presentation.

Introduction to Catullus continued.

Unseen 5: 'Lucretia is shamefully treated' from Essential GCSE Latin.








H/W Unseen 6: 'Horatius defends the single bridge over the Tiber' from Essential GCSE Latin.

Week 2


Catullus 85; Catullus 70. Translation and Commentary.

Catullus 70 and 85 - questions from Catullus workbook.

Result clauses (ch 43 Oxford Latin Course). Ex. 43.1: nos 1-4.





H/W Unseen 7: 'Menenius Agrippa gives advice by telling a story' from Essential GCSE Latin.

Week 3


Catullus 1: Translation and Begin commentary

Video: Gladiator; Roman Games

Go over Essential GCSE Latin Unseen 7: 'Menenius Agrippa gives advice by telling a story' .


 H/W Essential GCSE Unseen 8: 'Coriolanus is forced to change his mind about attacking his own city'

Week 4


Catullus 1 to finish including analysis. Exercises from Catullus Workbook.

Finish Catullus Exercises. Go over Conditional Clauses. Begin ex. 44.1. Go over 1-5.

Recap. Conditional Clauses. Finish ex. 44.1 and begin 44.2. Go over together in class.






H/W Vocabulary List for Unseen to do on Weds. 6/2. Students to use dictionary to look up meaning of words and to ensure that know these for the unseen.

Week 5


Indirect speech and accusative and infinitive.

Exs from Essential GCSE Latin

Practice translation GCSE unseen 9.

   H/W Essential GCSE. Unseen 10;

Week 6


Catullus 3. Translation.

Catullus 3. Discussion.

Use of subjunctive in main clauses: iussive/hortatory; deliberative question; wish

Translation of Alexander and the Gordian Knot no. 51 in Latin Stories








H/W Ex 45.3 English to Latin sentences based on use of subjunctive in main clauses.

Week 7


Catullus 5. Reading and translation.

Catullus 5. Interpretation.

Go over Unseen - Alexander and the Gordian Knot. Errors: ablative absolute; accusative and infinitive.








H/W Revise vocabulary list for unseen

Carnaval Holiday


 Carnival Hoiday - No Classes



Week 8


Catullus 8 - reading and translation

Catullus 8 cont. Translation and interpretation.

Gerunds and gerundives

Unseen translation in-class. Latin Stories 58.



Week 9


Catullus 13. Translation.

Catullus 13. Commentary.

cum  clauses





Week 10



 Clauses with ut



Week 11


Begin Catullus 49.

Catullus 49: Commentary.

Subordinate clauses.

Cicero translation in class (In Verrem 5.2)

 H/W  Cicero translation and vocabulary learning

Week 12


Rome Trip


   Revise Catullus 1,3,5,8

Week 13


Catullus 51 translation and commentary

More on participles and ablative absolutes



Term Three: 28 April 2014-4 July 2014


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


1/5 Labour Day (No Class)

Catullus 51: Translate and commentary

Cicero Practice Translation

1/5 Labour Day: No Class



 Revise Catullus, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8

Week 2


Test: Catullus Poems

Catullus 70 and 85

Practice Cicero translation

9/5 Europe Day: No Class




  Cicero Translation

Week 3


Finish Catullus 64: Translation and analysis

Practice Cicero translation


 Revise Catullus 49, 64, 70, 85, 101.

Week 4


Revision sessions: oral exam questions.

Revision sessions: written exam. Vocabulary and stylistic features to be expected with Cicero.

Revision session: written exam




Pentecost Holiday – No Classes


 Pentecost Holiday – No Classes

Week 6


Latinum Europaeum: Written Exam

Revision: Catullus and Cicero

Revision: Catullus and Cicero

Latinum Europaeum: Oral Exams





 Latinum Europaeum: Written Exam



Latinum Europaeum: Oral Exams

Week 7


Roman inscriptions

Latin in everyday English

Harry Potter in Latin



Week 8




Week 9


23/6 Last day of classes

Roman Culture and Society: The Life of Brian





Week 10











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