In year 5 we begin to study original ancient texts from the November half-term onwards. 

As an introduction to the style and literary techniques of Latin poets, the 1st century AD writer, Marcus Valerius Martialis [Martial] is an obvious choice. His short, pithy epigrams allow us to look in some detail at metre (elegiac couplets), his use of language, and various rhetorical techniques (alliteration, assonance etc.) without being overburdened with issues of translation.

The following poems were read in 2012:

  • 1.32; 1.47; 2.87; 3.8; 5.9; 5.43; 7.3; 7.77; 8.36; 8.69; 12.46; 12.73

Click on the links for more information about the poems.

Further Information


  • For an introduction to Martial, click HERE
  • For an introduction to Latin metre and the structure of the elegiac couplet, click HERE


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