Term One: Tuesday 2 September-Friday 19 December 2014


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Introduction to course

Recap of nouns





Week 2


CLC Stage 18: Eutychus et Clemens

Model Sentences then read taberna together

Discussion of Nouns and Adjectives; notions of agreement; GNC (Gender, Number, Case)

Practising the Language no. 1

Individual work on in officina Eutychi


H/W 12/9


Read and answer Comprehension Questions on Clemens tabernarius.

Week 3


Finish in officina Eutychi together.

Go over Clemens tabernarius and talk about answering comprehensions. Revision exercises on agreements from Review and Test Preparation Guide for Beginning Latin Students.Practising the Language p. 104 no. 2.

Finish pro taberna Clementis.

19/9 Chapter 19: read and translate introductory sentences (p. 112-113). About the Language 1: hic and ille. Translate sentences 4 a-f (p. 118).

Week 4


 Begin Stage 19: Isis

Model sentences. Discussion of hic and ille. Practising the Language p. 118. 

Read Aristo and dies Festus together. Go over Pompa. Begin venatio.

Culture: The Cult of Isis and Roman Mysteries

26/9 Practising the Language p. 125 nos 1 and 2.

Week 5


Imperatives and the vocative case.

Finish venatio

Translate 'The Lion and the Flea'

Culture: Roman Mysteries


Translate 'The Death of Aeschylus'

Week 6


Begin Stage 20: medicus.

Model sentences. Discussion of notion of present participles.  Translate remedium astrologi; and Petro. More discussion of present participles and their form.

Presentation on Roman medicine and science.

10/10 Practising hte Language p. 141 no. 3 'Narcissus'

Week 7


Finish Petro.

More on present participles.

Fortuna crudelis. Answer questions.

Pronouns: is, ea (p. 138). 

More on Roman medicine and science.

17/10 Practising hte Language p. 140 no. 1

Week 8


Astrologus victor. Parts I and II. 

Discussion of astrology and relevance.

Roman Mysteries.


All Saints Holiday


No Classes – All Saints Holiday



Week 9

3/11 Journée Pedagogique; 4/11-7/11)

Stage 21: Aquae Sulis

Introduction to Roman Bath. 

Model sentences. Notion of the Perfect Passive Participle and Four principal parts of verbs.

Stories; fons sacer and Lucius Marcius Memor.

Discussion of haruspicy and its importance in the Roman world.

Roman Mysteries to finish the week.


Week 10


Stage 21: 

More on Perfect Passive Participles.

Finish senator advenit.

Adjectives: Comparatives and Superlatives.

Memor rem suscipit. In pairs. Act out the scenes for other students in English with other groups making notes on vocabulary or sentences which are unfamiliar.

Roman Baths. Videos and discussion of key terms and layout'/design of baths.



a) Roman baths in general using handout provided;

b) Focus on a specific room in the baths preparatory to project work on a ....

c) diorama using a shoebox or similar to create a room in the Roman bathhouse. Instructions available on the web. Check here and here Iapparently Jimmie thinks it is a 'rite of passage'!!) 

Also search google ('create a shoebox diorama') for other ideas.

Week 11


Stage 22

Work on diarama.


Week 12


Stage 22

Presentation of diaramas.


Week 13


Stage 22


PPT presentation on defixiones. Importance in Circus Maximus. 

 5/12  Create defixiones.

Week 14


Stage 23. Discussion of harusices. Who were they? What they did? Special role in Roman state.

Translate in thermis

Recap participles and types of participle. Go over Practising the Language p. 4 a-h.

PPT presentation on  Roman Religion
12/12 Britannia Perdomita. Answer questions 

Week 15


Stage 23: epistula Cephali

Neuter nouns. General rules and focus on plural forms.

Practising the Language p. 47, no. 1 and 2.

Roman Mysteries.



Term Two: 7 January - 27 March 2015

Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


B Test 2: Postponed from December due to strikes.

Recap of Term One. Present and perfect participles. Translate Short Latin Stories 26: Vespasian and the muleteer.

Go over story in class and talk about language points.

Roman Mysteries


Week 2


Begin Stage 24: Fuga. Read and translate in itinere together in class.

Read Quintus consilium capit and answer questions.

About the Language p. 60: cum + the pluperfect subjunctive.

Roman travel and communication. Handout and discussion.



 Translate Salvius consilium cognoscit, lines 1-15.

Week 3


Go over Salvius consilium cognoscit, (p. 61) lines 1-15. Finish story to end in class.

cum + the imperfect subjunctive. Explanation and demonstration. P. 63 ex. 3a-d + p. 79 ex 3 a- h.

Practising the language p. 65 no. 1 and 2.

Stage 25: milites. Model sentences.

 23/1  GCSE p. 107 exercise on cum + subjunctive.

Week 4


Strythio in pairs. Read and translate.

Go over Modestus custos together in class.

About the language: Indirect questions. Recap question words, explanation of indirect questions, practise exercises p. 76.

Roman Mysteries



 Practising the Language pp. 80-81.


Week 5


Modestus perfuga.

Recap. imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive.

The Roman Army. Opening scene to Gladiator. Discussion of the organisation and structure of the army, its importance in securing the Empire (with discussion on roads and communication).

6/2  Exercise on the Roman Army

Week 6


Begin Stage 26: Agricola. Who was he? Discussion.

adventus Agricolae. Translate together in class.

in principiis. Answer questions individually in class.

Roman Mysteries.




No Classes





Week 7


Begin 'A Woodland Nymph is Transformed'

Go over 'A Woodland Nymph is Transformed' (no. 28: Short Latin Stories)

Purpose Clauses (p. 94)

Tribunus (p. 95) in class. Read and translate.

Introduction to gerundives (p. 96)

Go over contentio p. 97

Video: The Eagle


1. Finish 'A Woodland Nymph is Transformed' and read p. 94 'Purpose Clauses'

2. Practising the Language p. 99. Qus 1 and 2.

Week 8


Begin Stage 27: in castris 

Students group teaching: read model sentences (p. 106) and then About the Language 1: indirect commands (p. 108-9). Teacher  goes over principle of indirect command (note on iubeo + infinitive). 

in horreo (p. 107) in class. Read over Modestus promotus (p. 109-110). 

Discussion of result clauses: tam, tantus, tot, adeo.


Practising the Language p. 114 no. 3

Week 9


Finish Modestus Promotus pt. II. Students answer questions and go over in class.

Stage 28: imperium. Practice sentences. Discuss use of ablative. Ablative with prepositions (SID SPACE).

Testamentum (p. 125) in class.

  Revise for B Test.

Week 10


Expressions of time. Accusative for duration of time (with ordinals); ablative for time at which (with cardinals); ablative for time within which (with ordinals).

B Test.

Go over B Test. Games and video. 


Week 11


in aula Salvii. Do questions and go over answers.




Term Three: 13 April - 3 July 2015


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Begin Roma (Stage 29).

Model sentences. Introduction to passive verbs.

Read and translate nox (pp. 4-5).

Introduction to the Jewish revolt. Begin watching Masada (Peter o'Toole et al).

 H/W Practising the Language (p. 14) qu. 1 and 2.

Week 2


Go over qu. 1 and 2 (practising the language).

Explain Active and Passive voice. Go over passive verb forms (- r, -ris, -tur, -mur, -mini, -ntur)

Begin 'Masada' (p. 6-7). Translate in class. 

24/4 Footfest

 H/W  Finish Masada

Week 3


Recap. passive verb forms

arcus Titi. Translate part 1 together; part 2 individually answer the questions.

Recap. purpose clauses - introduce purpose clauses with qui.

The Jewish Revolt. BBC movie.

1/5 May Day Holiday


 Revise passive verb forms.


Week 4


Begin Chapter 30 'Haterius'.

Model Sentences and introduction to the perfect passive tense (p. 28).

dignitas answer questions in pairs.

Short Latin Stories no. 36: An Odd Guest.



ASCENSION - No Classes




Week 5


Polyspaston (p. 29) together in class.

The Pluperfect Passive

Roman building and engineering - discussion and video on techniques.


 Practising the Language p. 33

 Week 6


Begin Chapter 31. Model sentences. Note differences in the sentences and types of participles.

Short Latin Stories no. 37: 'Physician, heal thyself'.

The City of Rome. Video and discussion of major monuments.

Cheltenham 1, 2, 3.


Practising the Language p. 49 (practise of perfect passive)

Week 7


The Ablative Absolute. Explanation, demonstration, practice (p 47)

adventus. Translate together in class.

Begin salutatio.

Go over format of B test.


 Revise for B Test

Week 8


B Test 4

Go over B Test.

Latinum Europaeum - No Class


Week 9


Finish salutatio. Go over questions and translate part 2 together. More on the ablative absolute.

Cheltenham 1, 2, 3.






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