Term One: Tuesday 3 September-Friday 20 December 2013


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Introduction to course

Recap of nouns




Revision for quiz on declensions

Week 2


Quiz on declensions

Ch. 17. Model sentences; begin Comitia (p. 8). Answer questions on p. 8

Introduction to Imperfect Active Indicative

Finish going over ex. 17.1 (p. 113); introduce perfect active tense of all conjugations and esse; ex. 17.3 (p. 115) in class.







Ex. 17.1 in class

H/W Ex. 17.4 (p. 116). Due 17/9

Week 3


Warm-up: Recap of Imperfect and Perfect tenses; ex. 17.5 (p. 116) orally; ex. 17.6 (p.116) written exercise.

Roman elections - background slides on Pompeii and graffiti








 H/W Ex 17.6

Week 4


Continue ex. 17.6. Go over in class. Begin Decimus Quintum lacessit

Finish Decimus Quintum lacessit. Ex. 17.7 English to Latin

Begin Chapter 18. Model sentences - introduce expressions of time: Accusative of Duration;Ablative of Time at Which and WIthin which. Begin Quintus domo discessit (p. 13)  - translate first two paragraphs in pairs.

Reminder of perfect tense. Go over first 2 paragraphs of Quintus domo discedit. Continue perfect stem of verbs pp. 8 and 117. Ex. 18.1 orally;
















 18.2 written exercise.

Week 5


Recap. Accusative of Time of Duration; Ablatives of Time 'at which'  and 'within which'. Uses of imperfect and perfect tense. Read Quintus domo discedit ll. 15-35 (p.13-14).

Finish Quintus domo discedit ll. 36-39. Do Quintus paterque in periculum cadunt (p. 15). Translate first two paragraphs and answer questions.

Roman numbers and the Roman calendar. Using the website. And exercises from the Classics Pages.

Ex. 18.4 - translate. Ex. 18.5 - translate.


















Ex. 18.7 (p. 120) English to Latin sentences. DUE DATE: Monday 8th October

Week 6


Begin Chapter 19. Model Sentences. Go over pluperfect tense on board. Then do Ex. 19.3 and 19.4 (p. 121).

Roman elections continued ....






Finish 19.3. Complete 19.4.

Week 7


Read Roma, lines 1-19 (pp. 18-19) together in class. Do responde Latine (p. 20). Importance of the Capitol and religion at Rome.

Quintus domum novam invenit (p. 20-21). Translate first paragraph and answer questions. Pay attention to translation of tenses.

Expressions of place. Movement towards; movement away. Use of prepositions with accusative and ablative. Places. Locative case. General rules for masculine and feminine. Ex 19.5 and 19.6.

Finish Ex. 19.6. Watch Engineering an Empire.













H/W Revision for B Test

Week 8


Go over perfect stems on pp. 115, 117, 120. Model sentences ch. 20 (p.25). Introduce fourth declension ex. 20.5.

Compound verbs: -mitto (p.9); -eo (p.14); -esse (p.20); -do (p.27). Go over past B test and translation.

B Test 1

Go over B Test.


All Saints Holiday


No Classes – All Saints Holiday



Week 9

4/11 Journée Pedagogique; 5/11-8/11)

P. 125. Recap. 4th declension. Ex. 20.6 in books. Ex. 20.7 in pairs. Put up on board and go over together.

Go over forms of perfect tense. Introduce ch. 21. Model sentences. Ex. 21.1. Fifth declension nouns. Ex. 21.2.

Roman forum and central Rome. Videos and powerpoint. Explanation of Roman building project.


Week 10


Begin Marcus Quintum domum suam invitat (p. 32 ff.)

Fifth Declension nouns. Go over in class. Ex. 21.1






H/W ex. 21.3

Week 11


Model sentences ch. 22. Begin ludi circenses (p. 40)

Write out all the cases of haec res and ille dies - ex. 22.1

Uses of the Ablative case (p.127-128). Chariot Racing: Ben Hur chariot race scene.








H/W Ex. 22.3 (p. 128)

Week 12


Recap uses of the ablative case. Finish Ludi Circenses pp. 40-41.

Fabella: Marcus Quintusque cursibus adsunt. Groups of 4 - performance of play.






H/W Revise Imperfect, Perfect, and Pluperfect for test.

Week 13


Model sentences p. 47. Go over Ablatives of Manner, Means, Quality. Begin translation of Marcus Quintum ad balnea ducit (p.48).

Test on Imperfect, Perfect and Pluperfect. Ex. 23.2.

Go over test. Recap. verb endings -o or -m, -s, -t, -mus, -tis, -nt. Then recap. Imperfect, Perfect and Pluperfect. Continue with Marcus Quintum ad balnea ducit (p.48)

Finish Marcus Quintum ad balnea ducit. Compounds of fero. P. 50 Marcus ebrius est.
















H/W Revise for B Test!!

Week 14


Finish Marcus ebrius est. Go over past tenses again.

Revision for B. Test.

B Test

Go over B Test








Project on Rome.

Week 15


Presentations of project

Presentations of project

DVD - Julius Caesar



Term Two: 7 January 2014 - 11 April 2014

Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Recap. Forms of nouns: 3rd, 4th, and 5th declensions.

Begin chapter 24. Adjectives: Comparatives and Superlatives. Model sentences and go over forms of comparatives and superlatives.

Project presentations on the Roman forum.








H/W Revise 1st and 2nd declensions for quiz on Monday. PLUS Ex. 24.2.

Week 2


Go over vocabulary for ch. 24. Derivations and meanings. Begin Caesaris triumphi (p.54)

Continue Caesaris triumphi (p. 55)

Finish Caesaris triumphi. Recap. positive, comparative, superlative adjectives.

Project Presentations on the Roman Forum







H/W Revise 4th and 5th Declensions for Quiz on Monday. Quintus fortunam suam cognoscit (p. 56): translate first paragraph and answer questions.

Week 3


Read 'The Roman triumph' pp. 56-58. Discussion of importance of spectacle and Roman triumph to inculcate notions of Empire etc.

Begin ch. 25. Model sentences. Recap. positve, comparative, supelative forms. Go over vocabulary and derivations. Game based on new vocabulary with derivations.

Go over homework and discuss individual issues. Go over comparatives and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs. quam celerrime. Ex. 25.2.

Watch Julius Caesar.


















H/W Revise third declension nouns and adjectives. Ex. 25.2.

Week 4


Read Quintus togam virilem sumit.

Finish Quintus togam virilem sumit.

Ex. 25.3 in class and in pairs.





Week 5


Recap. Model sentences p. 65. Introduction to concept of present participle.

Translation of Idus Martiae (pp. 66-67).

Present participles. PPT and discussion.

Finish. Idus Martiae. Go over word-building on p. 68..

   H/W Caesaris funus (p. 69)

Week 6


Go over Caesaris funus and recap of present participles.

Ex. 26..1

Ex. 26.2 and 3

Finish presentations.on Rome.









Week 7






 Revision for B Test






 No Classes    

Week 8


Begin Chapter 27: Model sentences and introduction to the future and future perfect tenses. Vocabulary. Begin Quintus Athenae navigare parat.

Continue Future Tense. Finish Quintus Athenae navigare parat.

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire: Caesar cont. followed by Gladiator.




Revision for B Test




Week 9


Revision Class

B Test

Quintus Romae discedit

Fabella: Idus Martiae


Finish Ex. 27.3

Week 10


Ch. 27 Fabella: Idus Martiae

Ch. 27 The Future Perfect Tense. Ex. 27.4.

Ch. 27 Ex. 27.5 and 6.


Week 11


Ch. 28 Model Sentences. Notion of relative clauses.

Ch. 28. Relative pronouns and relative clauses. Ex. 28.1.

Ch. 28: Quintus ad Graeciam navigat. Ex. 28.2 and 28.3


Week 12


Ch. 28 Finish Quintus ad Graeciam navigat.

Ch. 28 Quintus Athenas advenit. Ex. 28.3

Ch. 29: Model sentences. Go over new vocabulary and word building from the vocabulary.

Academia (p. 84-86)


Week 13


Ch. 29: Continue Academia (pp. 84-86). Use of alter, uter, uterque.

Ch. 29: Marcus epistolam ad Tironem scribit.

Finish Marcus epistolam ad Tironem scribit. Ex. 29.2; 29.3.

Greek philosophy: Stoics and Epicureans.



Term Three: 28 April 2014-4 July 2014


Topics to cover – concepts – skills

Assignments, tests, exams, activities









Week 1


Ch. 30 go over model sentences. Active and Passive: intro to 4 principal parts of verbs

Active and passive continued: ex. 30.2.

Ch. 30 Horatiae nuptiae (p. 91)

Thurs 1 May Labour Day




Week 2


Ch. 30 Horatiae nuptiae (cont.). Ex. 30.3

Horatiae Nuptiae - discussion of Roman marriage. Ex. 30.4 in class.

Fri 9 May Europe Day - No Class






Ex. 28.4

Week 3


Go over word building (p. 92) - nouns formed from perfect participles. Then Respublica in periculum venit (p. 93).

Finish Respublica in periculum venit. Ex. 30.4; 30.5; 30.6 and 30.7

DVD: Julius Caesar and Rome










Revise for B Test

Week 4


19 May: B Test

Go over B Test

Begin chapter 31.  Model sentences. The passive voice: Pefect, Future Perfect, Pluperfect Passive.


 Ex. 31.3; 31.4






 Pentecost Holiday – No Classes



Week 5


Continue with the Past Passives; Begin Brutus Athenas advenit (p. 97-98). Ex. 31.1; 31.2.

Marcus Bruto se coniungit.

Antony, Octavian and the Senate.

DVD: Roman History




Finish Brutus Athenas advenit (p. 98). Ex. 31.5; 31.6


Week 6


Begin Chapter 32: Bellum Civile: Model Sentences. Start reading Bellum Civile (p. 103-104)

Present, Future, and Imperfect Passive. -r, -ris, -tur, -mur, -mini, -ntur. Tables and examples. Ex. 32.1 (together)

 H/W  Ex 32.2; 32.3

Week 7


Finish Bellum Civile (p. 104). Being Mors Ciceronis. Ex .32.3; 32.4.

Ex. 32.5. DVD on Rome.

Ch. 33: Scintilla epistolam ad Quintum scribit.

Review of year 4.

DVD on Rome.



 Revise passive voice

Week 8


23/6 Last day of school. The Roman Game.






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