The official European School History syllabus for years 4 and 5 can be downloaded here.

First Semester

The Medieval Period.

What were the Middle Ages? The Fall of the Rome; the rise of Islam; the Holy Roman Empire; feudalism; life in Medieval villages and towns; Medieval castles; Knights; the Crusades; religion in the Middle ages: monks, pilgrims, churches, and cathedrals.

Second Semester

The Renaissance

What was the Renaissance? Voyages of discovery; the invention of printing; humanism; Florence and the Medici; art and architecture (Da Vinci; Michelangelo; Brunelleschi; Donatello); patrons and clients; science and medicine; Machiavelli.

The Reformation

What was the Reformation? Why did it happen? Abuses in the Church; Indulgences; Martin Luther; John Calvin; the Counter-Reformation; the Inquisition.

There are two B tests in each semester, normally in October and December; March and June.

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