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First Term


Stages 1 to 9 of the Cambridge Latin Course Book One.

  • Language topics: Nominative, Accusative  and Dative case; present, imperfect and perfect tense; sum, esse ('to be').
  • History and Culture topics: Caecilius; the Roman family; the Roman house; daily life and food; Pompeii; the forum; the theatre; slaves and freedmen; life and death; gladiators; baths.
Second Term


Stages 10-12 (Cambridge Latin Course Book One); stages 13-15 (Cambridge Latin Course Book Two).

  • Language topics: singular and plural; superlatives; faveo and credo; infinitives; irregular verbs: nolo, volo, and possum; adjectives; relative clauses; imperfect tense of possum etc.
  • History and Culture topics: education; elections; Vesuvius; Roman Britain; rex Cogidubnus.
Third Term


Stages 16-18 of the Cambridge Latin Course Book Two.

  • Language topics: pluperfect tense; genitive case; gender; demonstrative pronouns: hic  and ille, is, ea, id.
  • History and Culture topics: Fishbourne; Alexandria and Egypt; glassmaking.

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