So here we go a list of the unseen translations that we have done for homework. REMEMBER too to refer to the Guide to Translation. This will help you when you tackle more complex texts.

Unseen Translations


These sample GCSE tests comprise a) a short comprehension; b) a passage for translation; c) a further passage for comprehension. These are normally quite straightforward. BUT do pay attention to the vocabulary lists that are given to you with the passage! And pay very close attention to whether nouns are masculine, feminine, or neuter! Then do differentiate between the different TENSES. Also watch out for the use of accusative and infinitive constructions, verbs of fearing (e.g. veritus) + ne, uses of ut plus the subjunctive.

  1. VI. Apollo and Daphne
  2. IX. Pyramus and Thisbe
  3. X. Ghosts
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