A lot of Latin seems concerned with the idea of translation.

For example

  • pater means 'father'.
  • mater means 'mother'.

But another important aspect of Latin is the influence which Latin words have on English. When an English word owes its form directly to the Latin word this is known as a derivative or a word derived from Latin.

For example,

  • A word derived from pater is patricide.
  • A derivation of mater is maternal.
  • A derivation of scribit is prescribe.

That is (or i.e. (id est)) these more complicated English words come directly from the Latin word. Sometimes they are combined with another word as in the case of patricide (pater + caedo ('to kill')), a suffix (mater + nal) or a prefix (pre + scribe). Occasionally you can find words with different combinations of these three things (e.g. pre-scrip-tion).

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