• The following words are derived from pater .... what do they mean?
    • patricide
    • paternal
    • paternity
  • Similar words can be formed from the Latin for mother (mater). What are they?

  • If you demonstrate filial duty what are you demonstrating?

  • If you have a servile nature, what kind of nature do you have?

  • Why is a fraternity called a fraternity? Or a sorority called a sorority?

  • Why are canine teeth called canine teeth?

  • Why is a triclinium called a triclinium?

  • What other words can you find in English which have 'tri-' or 'cline' in them? What do they mean?

  • What is horticulture?

  • How about agriculture?

  • So what does -cult- mean?

  • Give some English words derived from scribit.

  • If you lead a sedentary life, what kind of life do you lead?

  • What is wrong with a bibulous man?

  • What English words derive from laborat?

  • What English word comes from ianua? Why do you think this word comes from the Latin word for 'door'?

Key Derivations:

patricide; paternal; paternity; matricide; maternal; maternity; filial; fratricide; fraternal; fraternity; sorority; servile; canine; decline; recline; incline; horticulture; agriculture; scribe; scripture; script; labour; Labour; laboratory; dormitory; sedentary; bibulous; vestibule; January (from ianua); cubicle; latrine; atrium; culinary; peristyle

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