Fourth Declension Nouns


  • Stems in -u
  • Some similarities to 3rd declension nouns
  • -u in all cases except dative and ablative plural
  • Mostly masculine nouns, but occasional feminine noun (e.g. manus, -us)
  • A few neuter nouns
  • Identified by genitive singular in -us e.g. exercitus, -us (m.); cornu, -us (n.)


gradus, -us (m.)   cornu, -us (n.)
gradus Nom. cornu
gradum Acc. cornu
gradus Gen. cornus
gradui Dat. cornui
gradu Abl. cornu
gradus Nom. cornua
gradus Acc. cornua
graduum Gen. cornuum
gradibus Dat. cornibus
gradibus Abl. cornibus




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